Announcing Slack’s Amazing Teams Tour!

Where users, developers, and potential customers come together to get a preview of Slack’s product roadmap, hear from special guests, and more

amazing teams

Teams. Teams are amazing. The way people organize themselves around work, bring out the best in others, and do great things together fascinates us. So earlier this year we cooked up an event to bring those teams together to share ideas. We hosted the first Amazing Teams event in San Francisco in early March, inviting users, developers, and curious potential customers to get an early look at Slack’s product roadmap, hear from special guests, and participate in exclusive programming to help make everyone’s working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.



Now, we’re taking the show on the road! We don’t have a custom van airbrushed with Slackbot’s face (yet), but the Slack team is heading to Toronto, New York, and London to bring together teams in or near those cities, celebrating both the work we’ve done so far and our best ideas to move forward.


Upcoming tour stops

The next stops on the Amazing Teams Tour are:

  • Toronto on March 31st
  • London on April 26th
  • New York City on May 25th

Check our events page for details and to register.

At the Amazing Teams events, Slack users will walk away with exclusive knowledge of what’s coming to Slack and how to work better as a team, while developers will leave armed and ready to build new apps or make current apps do more. There will also be ample time for networking, snacks, and getting your questions answered by our Help Center staff. We’d really love to see you.

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