Eleven bots for better work in the new year

New Slack Fund companies to help with sales, meetings, and more

The Slack Fund

The Slack Fund backs new companies that bring more streamlined workflows to Slack—reducing the small, yet high-frequency tasks that consume chunks of our time. Today we’re growing the Fund and introducing new tools you can use at work, with the addition of eleven companies. These teams are reimagining how a salesperson closes deals, reinventing the way we share and access information, and redesigning in-person meetings.

Meet the new Slack Fund companies.

Get the right information to the right people at the right time

Statsbot is an analytics bot that connects with Mixpanel, Salesforce, and Google Analytics so you can receive actionable alerts about data or query reports directly from Slack.

SwayFinance keeps you up to date with your company’s financial health without leaving Slack or constantly pinging your finance team.

Guru creates a searchable knowledge base for your team based on conversations in Slack.

Bold is an internal blog for your team’s knowledge and big ideas. Write rich content on Bold that automatically gets pushed to the appropriate Slack channel(s) to keep everyone in the loop.

Demisto helps give the Security Operations team peace of mind by automatically alerting users if a malicious URL or file is shared in Slack.

Give your sales team the tools they need to stay three steps ahead

DataFox automates prospecting by providing real-time alerts for the companies you care about. Customize notifications so you know the right time to reach out to find and win more business.

Troops helps sales teams work smarter by bringing Salesforce data into Slack so you can search records, schedule automatic reports, and celebrate company wins.

WorkRamp helps companies build the best sales teams with a next-generation training platform built on Slack. Create training and development paths to keep employees engaged and get visibility into how your team is progressing.

Move seamlessly from Slack to in-person meetings

Synervoz is an always-on voice chat platform that helps distributed teams communicate spontaneously.

Twine bridges the gap between your conference room and Slack. Plug Twine into your HDMI port then start a video call, share content, or move rooms all without leaving Slack.

Donut helps your team build strong relationships by pairing teammates for coffee (or donuts!) on a regular basis.

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