Halfway around in June

As June draws to a close, the year is half complete. It’s a good time to take a breath and review everything that’s been done.

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Product updates

Last month we launched Actions — a new feature that connects messages in Slack to other tools and services. Since then, hundreds of companies have updated their apps to include Actions. Here’s a list of 20 (or so) of the most useful ones, from a variety of categories, for you to try out.

In other good news, if your employer uses ADP — one of the largest payment processors in the world — the new ADP app for Slack means you can request time off or check your most recent pay stubs without having to leave your current Slack channel.

For our visually impaired users, the team’s made some substantial improvements to keyboard navigation and refined how Slack functions with screen readers.

Company updates

Even before we added Japanese language support to Slack last fall, we heard that enthusiastic customers had developed their own guides for using the product. That led us to expand our footprint in Japan, where we plan to double our staff in Tokyo to better serve—what has quickly become—our second-biggest market behind the United States.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield spoke at the Wharton People Analytics Conference where he shared insights on the future of work and how leaders can better support employees in increasingly complex work environments. We summarized that conversation in a Q&A that takes a deeper look into how modern work culture and practices are evolving.

Tips and tricks

We published a post on how Slack channels add transparency, allowing people company-wide to access data, discussions, and decisions that help them move their work forward. The post guides you on the best ways to set up Slack so that teams can stay coordinated throughout the life cycle of a project or initiative. We also published a round-up of all our best advice around organizing your work life into channels.

If hiring a new team member is in your near future, this post about new employee onboarding offers advice on how to use Slack apps and integrations to get new folks up to speed quickly.

And seeing as how we’re halfway through the year, we thought it was a good time to offer a brief reminder of several slick shortcuts and customizations that make navigating Slack a breeze.

Workplace stories

How teams work together is an ever-evolving process, so we dug into some research to find out the highs and lows of how modern marketing teams collaborate. Unsurprisingly, inefficient meetings and a deluge of emails remain common culprits preventing productivity for many.

We pondered how communication, design, and collaboration overlap in an interview with designer and speaker Erika Hall. Relatedly, we took a look back at some of the best lessons we’ve learned about the importance of words and language and how they affect both the products and services that we build, as well as our experiences with one another at work.

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