How to share files in Slack

Manage docs and projects without a mess of email

Anyone who has worked with other people on a file knows how disorganized the process can often be. You have multiple versions, times when you need to hand off the work to others, and times when work grinds to a halt while everyone waits for sign-off from a manager. Then throw in a dizzying array of apps, services, and hundreds of emails back and forth.

Sharing files in Slack is a lot easier. We’ve produced a short video explaining how to upload and share files, get feedback on them, and get your work done in a faster and more organized way. We’ve also covered some highlights below.



Basics of file sharing

Sharing files in Slack is as easy as dragging a file into your Slack app window. Or you can hit the + menu on the message input and choose the Upload a File option. File uploads have a limit of up to 1Gb in size.


dragging files into slack
Dragging a file into the Slack app to share


Working with native and outside service files

Slack works with native uploaded files as well as those shared from popular services like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. The titles and contents of files are indexed by search, and continuously updated as files are edited in other apps. Sharing rights carry over from other file services as well, so if only a subset of team members have access to a file on Dropbox, that won’t change when pasted into Slack.


searching for files
Searching for files in Slack


Tips for sharing files

Files in Slack can have direct replies, so all conversation about a file can be linked to it. This makes it easy for anyone to find discussions associated with a file and see how decisions were made. You can also use emoji reactions in a variety of ways. Often at Slack, we share mockups or drafts and ask for review and comments. Other team members will put an :eyes: emoji on file to show they are looking at it, and a :white_check_box: to indicate when they’re done with their review. The :thumbs_up: emoji is often used to approve and sign-off on completed project files.


conversation threads
Conversation threads in replies to files


Sharing files in Slack cuts through the clutter of email, unifies your existing cloud storage, and makes search, discovery, and discussion of files as straightforward as possible. For more information, our Help Center has a bit more background on the subject.

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