Live demo: Learn to build an internal integration

Join from anywhere and come with questions

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If you want to connect your tools in Slack but can’t find the perfect app in our App Directory, you might want to build an internal integration — a custom app built just for your company. It can be intimidating to start, but we’re here to help: On March 1, join us for a live session to learn the Slack API basics and get your questions answered.

People build internal integrations for all sorts of reasons: to help people do more work without leaving Slack, to make their data and systems work together, or simply to make their office a bit more delightful. But you don’t have to code an app from scratch to create a useful Slack integration.

In this live session, we’ll show you how to get up and running from our API site, introduce resources that you can build on, and demo creating a simple integration from the ground up.

Who should attend?

  • You want to connect your team’s tools and systems into Slack
  • You’re somewhat familiar with Slack integrations but want some guidance around building them for your team
  • You have some comfort with coding, APIs, and JSON

Register here to save your seat. Hope to see you there!

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