Not your average workday

Stories from episode 27 of the Slack Variety Pack podcast

Some people’s workday starts with coffee, others with tea. Some commute on a subway train, others hitch a ride on a swerving tuk-tuk. Some enjoy the cozy confines of an office, others prefer to test their mettle in far-flung places. Then there are the people with the kinds of jobs that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

These days, the average workday is anything but average. That’s what this episode is all about. Here it is: Jet Pack.



Start your workday with a quicker picker upper—but which one?

The morning cuppa is a ritual anticipated by many, but what goes into that cup is the subject of many a polarizing debate. Taste preferences aside, if all you’re looking for is a caffeine boost, which is better equipped to get the job done: Coffee or tea?


man in nature


Have Wi-Fi, will work

According to the Freelancing in America 2015 study — commissioned in partnership with Upwork (a global freelancing network) and the US Freelancers Union — 50% of the 7000 survey respondents said they would not quit freelancing in favor of a traditional job, no matter how much it paid.

With the added freedom and flexibility afforded by a location-independent job, a rising tide of “digital nomads” are choosing to mix business with adventure, with mixed results.



Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice


A new way to work (and exercise)

A decade ago, options for exercising indoors meant signing up for a gym membership or dusting off that dumbbell set languishing in your basement. Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice had a different idea: SoulCycle — a haven for indoor cycling enthusiasts that sparked a massive trend in boutique fitness.

doctors without borders

War and volleyball

Between fieldwork, documentary and television producer Cherie Silvera tracks medical supplies in conflict zones for Doctors Without Borders. Managing the brutal sleep-work-sleep-work schedule six days a week and an extremely bureaucratic regimen proved no easy feat. Her saving grace? A motley team of expats and their weekly volleyball game.


Lima Al-Azzeh once gave tours of Grouse Mountain while perched on a tractor-drawn sleigh.

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