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A new way to let your teammates know what you’re up to

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Let’s say you’re stepping away from Slack for a bit — maybe you’re grabbing some lunch, taking a week off, or even just focusing on a task for a few hours. Now you can set a custom status in Slack to share what you’re up to, when you’ll be back, whom to contact in your place, or anything else that helps your team know when they can expect to hear from you.

Pick from five default options for common scenarios when you’re away — like being out sick or working remotely. For anything else, create your own, more specific status that says exactly what you want your team to know. Each status can be up to 100 characters and illustrated with an emoji of your choice.


Setting your status

You can set a status from the browser, desktop and mobile versions of Slack. From your computer, click your name in the upper left corner of your sidebar, then select Set a status. On the iOS or Android apps, tap the More items icon (…), or edit your status directly from your profile.


setting status

Apps can set statuses, too. For example, Zenefits syncs your status with their Time Off Tracking system so people know when you’re on PTO, and Meekan shows when you’re in a meeting (and when you’ll be free). Your status will also automatically update when you’re on a voice or video call in Slack, then reset once you’re done (you can turn this setting off in your preferences).


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How your status appears in Slack

Only your status emoji is displayed beside your name in messages and the left sidebar. This way, teammates can get a quick read of what you’re up to — without cluttering your conversation.

If someone wants more information, they can hover over the emoji to view your status in its full glory. If you didn’t select an emoji, we’ll automatically show the :speech_balloon: (💬) so people know you’ve set a status.

Plus, your full status always appears in the Quick Switcher (command + K on Mac, Ctrl + K on Win), your profile, and the message box of your DMs.


status appears in search results

Your status will be displayed until you change it. We’d hate to end your vacation before you’re ready.


Have an app you’d like to integrate with custom status?

Good news — we’ve added new APIs so your app can set smart statuses based on how people are using your product or service. Read more about how this works along with a few ideas for what to build on our platform blog.

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Custom status is now available for everyone using the latest versions of our desktop and mobile apps. Questions? You can learn more about setting a custom status on our Help Center. And if you feel like sharing your brilliantly crafted one with us, tweet us a screenshot @Slackhq.

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