Slack Calls: Now with 100% more video

Talking face-to-face with your team is just one click away

Since we added voice calling to Slack earlier this year, teams have used the phone icon to make calls across the office and around the world. Now this handy button does even more: one-to-one and group video calling. Just click the phone icon to start a call — like you’ve been doing already — and then use the new camera button within your window to enable video.


video call


Like with voice calling, it’s simple to get your team on a video call. No need to open a separate app, dial in to a meeting, or share invite links. Anyone on your Slack team can call another person directly, and if you’re on one of Slack’s paid plans, your team can make group video calls with up to 15 people.

Video calling also includes the calls emoji response feature, so without having to unmute, you can use a ✋ to ask a question, add a 👍 to show your approval, or 🙇 to thank people for a job well done. These reactions, along with a few others, will display briefly over your video and play a subtle sound.

Prefer to use another app to call your team? You can use Slack to make voice and video calls with third party services like Google Hangouts and Zoom. In fact, you can even customize your call settings to automatically default to the call service of your choice.

Making calls within Slack, whether voice or video, can be helpful at times when a face-to-face conversation is needed, like when you want to give someone feedback or have a one-on-one discussion with a teammate in another office.

Looking for an excuse to try out video calling with your team? We’ve designed a few custom props to use on your next call — all you need is a printer and a pen. Print the prop, tape it to the pen, hold it up to your face. Ta-da! Instant emoji reactions.


Video Calls are rolling out over the next few days and will be available on the latest versions of our Slack for Mac and Slack for Windows desktop apps, as well as Google Chrome. On the move? Users on the mobile apps can still join any ongoing video call, but will be limited to sharing and receiving audio.

See our Help Center article for more details, and feel free to send feedback or tweet us at @SlackHQ.

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