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New message menus expand the ways you can get work done in Slack

Communication is the heart of what we do at work. That’s why in Slack, messages are not just how you interact with your team — they’re also how you interact with the apps you need to get your job done.

In a Slack message, apps can unfurl charts and images, surface important data, and include buttons you can use to complete a task in one click. And now, we’re introducing message menus — clickable drop-down menus that bring more intricate and nuanced workflows to the apps you use in Slack.

Over a dozen apps in our App Directory have introduced message menus today, including Front, OpsGenie, and Workato. Here are some examples of how your team can now use menus in Slack.


Collect candidate interview feedback with Lever

Interviewing job candidates is important, but it can take a lot of your time. Lever’s app follows up with you right in Slack after an interview happens, immediately capturing your feedback on a candidate while it’s fresh in your mind.

Lever then sends that feedback to your recruiting team in Lever, so they can take the right set of next steps with the candidate.


Access and manage surveys using SurveyMonkey

With the new SurveyMonkey app, you can manage, send, and collaborate on surveys within Slack. Imagine you’re working on a customer satisfaction survey with your team. You can type the slash command /survey to receive a list of your team’s SurveyMonkey surveys. From there, you can invite someone to collaborate on a survey, set up notifications, start collecting feedback, or share the results out to the broader team.



Check out the category “Complete tasks in a click” in the Slack App Directory to install some of the apps using message menus on your team.

From sales and analytics apps like Statsbot, Growbot and Troops; to survey bots like Polly and Zylo; DevOps and support tools like Front, OpsGenie, and Slaask; and productivity boosters like Memo, MailClark, Workato, Kip, To-do bot, and Nikabot, there’s an app with message menus to help you do all kinds of things.

Want to use message menus in an internal integration just for your company? Visit our platform blog to get started.

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