Taking your to-do list to task

Dispatches from Episode 25 of the Slack Variety Pack podcast

Gretchen Rubin

Word on the street is good habits lead to happiness. It’s not just something your parents nag you about, it’s actually a matter of science. And the subject of our latest podcast episode: Booster Pack! 🚀

We kick things off with Gretchen Rubin, a writer and podcaster who’s been studying the root of happiness for years. Her book ‘Better than Before’ — a practical guide to changing your habits—begins to bridge the connection between habits and happiness. But here’s the rub: habits aren’t one size fits all. Rubin takes us through a few strategies for developing good habits, beginning with an exercise in understanding our own patterns and behaviors (are you a marathoner or a sprinter?) and chasing that up with advice on how we can work with our natural habits to do our best work ever.



Then there’s habit’s close second cousin “multitasking”. Multitasking seems in the holy grail of professional skills (how many times have you claimed to be an “excellent multi-tasker” on your resumé?). The word has become so commonplace, it’s almost lost all meaning. We take a step back and talk to neuroscientist Kelly Garner who breaks down the real meaning of multitasking. We also take a look at a profession that may just require the most intense multitasking mastery.



You know those people that live for a good deal? And they always seem to know all the undercover tips and tricks for nabbing those deals? Tyler Dikman, the CEO of Loungebuddy, is one of those people. He’s travelled a lot (about 2 million miles, give or take) and he shares some of his best business travel tips— like saying yes to flight bumps and the best way to use and redeem your frequent flier miles. And to address that eternal, infernal question: What’s the best time to book inexpensive flights? He spills the beans.



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