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Everyone at Slack loves podcasts, so much so that we began producing our own about life and work back in May 2015. Late last year, we relaunched the podcast with a focus on the meaning and identity we find in work, dubbed Work in Progress.

Now that we’re 30 episodes in, we thought we’d look back on some of our favorite stories from the season — if you’re traveling soon and have some long flights and drives, or you’ve got hours of menial back-to-school tasks ahead, cue up this list of highlights to make the time go by just a little bit faster.


Tales of the historical

From the early days of baseball, here’s the story of the woman who once struck out Babe Ruth, and soon after was banned from professional baseball.

The first taxi service in Toronto began 170 years ago, all started by a man who escaped slavery, traveling thousands of miles to Canada along the Underground Railroad.


Bucking the system

Blind astrophotographer Tim Doucette turned his disability into a superpower, giving him abilities far beyond what anyone else could see.

Against all odds

A young entrepreneur’s story of going from war-torn Palestine all the way to Silicon Valley is a gripping tale of risk and sacrifice at every turn.

After a tumultuous life on Wall Street, Margo Walsh rebuilt her life in Maine, launching a business to employ ex-convicts and help put their lives back together too.


Amazing journeys

The curious mystery of why one woman’s article appeared in a generic “newsprint” fabric, and the extraordinary lengths to which she went to find the origins.

When Maurice Ashley fell in love with a board game, he knew he had a long road to travel from playing in parks in the Bronx to becoming the first black International Chess Grandmaster.


Ripped from the headlines

Sandy Hook elementary school suffered a terribly atrocity, but a thoughtful architecture firm worked with the community to rebuild it better than before.

Gustavo Diaz fled Venezuela to the U.S. amid a coup, and now as his former country comes to grips with hyperinflation and instability, Diaz’s own website serves as one of the leading sources of news for Venezuelans.

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Matt Haughey began podcasting in early 2007 and still thinks it’s just getting started as a storytelling medium.

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