The Changeblog: Longer loading messages, furled unfurls and a clutch of fixes

A roundup to what's new at Slack

The second edition of the Changeblog covers a busy few weeks. There’s been a lot written about Slack in that time — but behind the scenes we’re working hard every day on the small (and big) new features and fixes, and we didn’t want them to slip under the radar.

So just in case, here’s a quick round-up of some of the tweaks, releases and polishes we’ve been applying assiduous amounts of elbow grease to here at SlackHQ.


We did things!

• The Mac App now supports users who have multiple teams! It’s been in beta for a while, but now it’s in the App Store.

Now everyone can enjoy delicious, vitamin-packed multi-team action, thanks to a handy tab down the side that allows you to see notifications and unread activity at a glance and switch between them quickly.

And for those who haven’t already tried it, this is a great time to investigate sidebar themes (found in your user preferences.) The visual cue as to what team you’re in is more helpful than you might realize.

multiple teams menu

• Custom loading messages can now be 140 characters rather than 100, at the very polite request from (possibly not entirely coincidentally) a user on Twitter.

• While the unfurling of links to show a preview is an important and useful feature, several requests had been made to not unfurl in one particular case. Users wanting to direct their fellow team members to this particular essential link will now be able to do so unfettered by an unfurl. ‘Roll on.

• We now allow even more emoticons starting with > at the start of a line, without turning them into a quote block. things like
Because it’s important.

• We’ve added new integrations with Groove and GoToMeeting.


We Fixed things!

• When uploading a photo to crop for an avatar, it will show up with the correct orientation during cropping (regardless of your browser) and then be correctly oriented after cropping too.

• Sometimes trying to jump to the oldest unread in a channel via the blue unread bar failed. Now it doesn’t.

• Anyone on Yosemite getting that annoying extra line when typing in the Mac app should no longer be getting that (which is good, because it was annoying.)

And finally…


Several people are, quite literally, typing…

Our Path to Slack Adoption at Infinio — There’s often talk about quick conversions to Slack within teams, but people are more complicated than that. A great post by Matt Brender on a gradual switch.

How We Choose, Build and Launch Partner Integrations to Grow Our Business: Insights from Groove on their decision to integrate with Slack

Thoughts on Slack — The section on “Humanized conversations” in this was one that made people particularly happy here.

How One Company Is Trying To Eradicate Email — A look at how one company changed the way their 76,000 employees communicate. In this case, the answer isn’t Slack (the initiative predates us), but it’s fascinating to see a report with so much data on how, precisely, eliminating internal email makes people happier and more productive.

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