The Plus Plan

An option for companies with regulatory requirements, as well as teams seeking guaranteed customer support

Every day, new teams are coming to Slack, big and small, here and there, old and new, single location and multi-office; all kinds! This week, we’re launching a service that makes Slack the solution for even more companies.

Since we launched, we’ve had a steady stream of requests for a tier of service that supports the needs of teams from companies with certain “regulatory requirements” and “compliance regimes”, as well as teams who simply need a guaranteed support service. We’ve been hard at work putting the pieces together, and now it is ready. With great pleasure, we present: The Plus Plan.

Plus, you say? Plus what? It’s a good question; concisely asked. And the answer is “a lot of good things”. It’s all the regular power of Slack, with unlimited archives and integrations and the ability to add single-channel users and restricted accounts PLUS greater security, guaranteed peace of mind, and an unbeatable commitment to supporting you and your team.

New for the Plus Plan tier

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) — SAML 2.0 support for identity providers such as OneLogin, Okta, Bitium as well as an option for custom SAML solutions.
  • The ability to request Compliance Exports.
  • The confidence of 99.99% uptime, backed up with a guarantee (because we really are that confident about it).
  • Premium Support: your questions answered within 4 hours (and usually less).

(We already aim to provide the best support we can to everybody who uses Slack. That will never change. It’s thanks to our growing Customer Experience team, brilliant people located all over the world, that we’re able to dedicate Premium Support to our Plus Plan teams)

There are more details about The Plus Plan here, and if you have any questions, reach out to our accounts people and someone will happily take you through whether the Plus Plan is the best fit for your team. 

(For those teams who are reading this thinking that the Plus Plan sounds great but not what their team needs quite yet, details of all our tiers can be found here, and if you’re a lost journalist looking for the full press release, it’s here

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