The Slack Variety Pack

An introduction to our very own podcast

We love podcasts. We love them a lot. Our team’s #podcast channel buzzes with recommendations and discussions, and anyone who loves the same podcasts we do might have noticed we’ve been sponsoring some recently, like 99% Invisible, StartUp and Roderick on the Line.

In fact, we love podcasts so much that we decided to make one.

The Slack Variety Pack is a mix of original stories, funny office culture sketches, and journalism focused on innovation, modern culture, and people who have found their purpose. There’s a little bit about Slack in there, but much more about things around us. It’s about work, life, and everything in-between.

We’ve teamed up with the brilliant podcasting professionals at Pacific Content, who love telling great audio stories in creative ways.

And there are many ways you can find it:

And you can give your feedback, ideas, or suggestions for future podcast stories on Twitter at @slackhq.

We’re very excited about this. We really, as we may have mentioned before, love podcasts.

Slack is the collaboration hub, where the right people are always in the loop and key information is always at their fingertips. Teamwork in Slack happens in channels — searchable conversations that keep work organized and teams better connected.